We love immersive audio, innovative ideas for the arts and new media experiences. To empower creatives in the growing market of immersive entertainment we provide professional audio technology with the IOSONO products and extended SERVICES for fully integrated spatial sound solutions.




Audio/Video Installation inside the top of the TV-Tower Dortmund, Germany

"Directions" is using a 26.4 speaker system on the outside ring, as well as behind the screen on the inside ring all driven by the IOSONO system. It enables audio objects to move around freely through the room.

"This work is a meditation on the theme of human orientation." Lukas Taido (Audio/Concept/Initiator)




Dream Flyer attraction at Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan

Since July 23rd 2019 guests cue up for the latest edition of Disney flight motion simulators at Tokyo Disney Sea. Based on the popular attraction "Soarin' Around the World" (CA, USA) this is the third attraction of this kind at Disney Resorts around the world that uses the IOSONO technology for the most immersive audio experience. 32 loudspeakers spread behind the giant curved screen in 4 vertical layers and a full surround ring create that convincing sound experience to always feel in the center of the action on every seat. Object-based mixing allowed the content creators for a fast workflow and putting the attention to the details of the mix.

"Enjoy a journey over famous landscapes of the world! Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, the Museum of FANTASTIC FLIGHT is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying." (Tokyo Disney Resort)




A "City Version" by the Staatsoper Hamburg at the 20th anniversary of Shanghai Grand Theater, China

Together with our long term partners Full Dimension (CN) for concept design, system integration and Sounds & Motion (AUS) for content live mixing the creation of an exceptional immersive sound experience was made possible. Using 100+ loudspeakers and the flexible feature of the IOSONO technology to create sound fields for multiple listening areas all members of the audience had the chance to sit in the best seat. Additionally manual soloist tracking created those memorable moments and pristine sound images.

"...Shanghai Grand Theatre is a history maker in terms of sound technology interpretation of outdoor performance... This is not only an immersive experience that shortens the distance between actors and audiences, but also a perfect fusion of art and technology." (Full Dimension)




This a short list from the last decade of outstanding projects with the IOSONO technology

Visitor attractions at WALT DISNEY RESORTS in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom FL/USA, Tokyo Disneyland & -sea and Shanghai Disney Resort

UNIVERSAL SPHERE, a spectacular dome experience at Comcast Tower Philadelphia/USA from Steven Spielberg, Dreamworks, Universal Parks and Resorts and Comcast Labs.

Acoustic mockup at BMW headquarters Munich/GER

Design Gallery at Deutsche Telekom AG headquarters in Bonn/GER

Shanghai Tower, World's highest Summit Art and Cultural Space on 126th floor fully integrated by Full Dimensions

BJÖRK "Black Lake" installation, produced by Marco Perry with a series of exhibitions for example at Museum of Modern Art in NYC/USA and CCCB Barcelona/ES

Hearing Aid Laboratory at Sivantos GmbH in Erlangen/GER

"LA TRAVIATA" opera during Shanghai Opera Week on North Bund, staged by Verona Opera Ensemble, conducted by Xu Zhong and integrated by Full Dimensions

KRAFTWERK "The catalogue 12345678" with a series of 3-D live shows for example at Tate Modern London/UK and Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin/GER

"CARMEN" for Handa Opera on Sydney Harbor, staged by Opera Australia

"VIA CRUCIS" at Kunstfest Weimar, directed by Robert Wilson at Viehauktionshalle Weimar/GER




We support your idea for immersive experiences with the focus on audio. We offer extended service capabilities in the planning and commissioning of systems using the IOSONO technology. We look beyond the use of IOSONO as it stands today. To that extend we develop features, customize the interfacing with external tools and find the best solutions for all audio and acoustic related requirements in your project. Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in audio technology and thrive on challenging tasks. We encourage you to ask any question and try us as your expert in the professional immersive audio field!




IOSONO inside is our software solution for real-time rendering of object-based immersive audio content to virtually any loudspeaker layout of up to 128 channels In & Out.

The patented algorithm is an optimized and adaptive wavefield synthesis implementation with a unique multilayer approach for elevated speaker arrangements. In addition to the high quality rendering the software is packed with useful features for easy setup, system tuning and flexible integration into any AV system design.




The Spatial Audio Workstation (SAW) is our production tool for the creation of immersive audio content in a fully implemented, object-based workflow.

The software is an exclusive plugin for Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW. A mixing project can consist of up to 64 simultaneous objects. An internal rendering mode supports a large number of common 2D multichannel speaker layouts (up to 8.1) without the need of additional hardware. The external processing mode works in combination with an IOSONO inside audio processor and allows for real-time rendering to any 2D/3D speaker arrangement. The application runs in a single window to provide user-friendly interface for positioning, grouping, movement and automation of sound objects within the immersive environment.




The distribution in Europe for a Spatial Audio Processing hardware with integrated IOSONO inside software will be handled directly by us. Please get in touch via business@encircled-audio.com. Our selected partner network worldwide provides you with a Spatial Audio Processing hardware and fully integrated IOSONO inside software as well as content production, services for regional system planning and support.


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